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Valeda Thornton


Valeda Thornton is a hip, math nerd who loves Bruno Mars and Lebron James.

With a business background and high-energy, relatable teaching style, she lights up classrooms with Learning Power's STEM-based lessons.

Valeda is energized by the unique experiences each class interaction brings. As a high school math teacher, she spent a decade engaging and inspiring students. “Math is the foundation of everything we do. Whether it’s basic math or advanced topics, students will carry their math knowledge with them into their careers. Computer programmers, doctors, construction workers – they all use math to do their jobs.”

At Albany State University, Valeda received a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and met her husband, Josef. She went on to earn a Master's of Science degree in management from Troy University.

One of her most memorable teaching lessons comes from a former student who found her on Facebook to tell her how impactful her life lessons had been. As he entered an important crossroad in his life, he remembered her words, “Don’t be a follower…be a leader.”

Valeda serves the following counties: Coweta, Clayton, Fayette, and South Fulton.

When Valeda isn’t teaching students about energy and energy efficiency, you’ll find her making homemade pizza with her daughter, Lyric. “I tell her she’s my sous-chef…but she quickly corrects me and says I’m HER sous-chef!”

No doubt the measurements are spot on with this cooking duo – as you’d guess, Valeda’s daughter is a math whiz too. The apple never falls far from the tree!

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