Today the electric power industry operates in a hybrid model of competition and regulation. Material in this section from Key Facts About The Electric Power Industry, courtesy of Edison Electric Institute, 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20004-2696, www.eei.org

Plants, Poles Plugs
Delivering electricity to America’s consumers is a complex task. Behind it lies a series of functions such as the generation of power, its transmission, and its final distribution to you.
Power Biz 101
The electric power industry is among the country’s most capital-intensive sectors, with many of its costs stemming directly from investments in and maintenance of the power plants, transmission and distribution lines, equipment, and structures that are used to deliver electricity.
Reg and Dereg
Shareholder-owned electric companies are regulated at the federal and state levels; others, such as electric cooperatives and government-owned utilities, have different regulations.
Shareholder U
Millions of Americans rely on the steady growth of utility stocks. By investing in America’s electric future, the electric power industry can ensure that Americans continue to enjoy reliable, affordable electricity.