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Electricity is a tough subject for any age. Most of the science of electricity is too small to see with the naked eye so it is sometimes difficult to visualize what electricity is and how it behaves.

However, electric safety is a theme anyone can understand. While it would be great to inspire a generation of electrical engineers, we'd settle for inspiring a healthy respect for this force behind the outlets that we all take for granted.

Teacher Manual
Use this quick reference chart to apply sections of this site to the National Science Education Standards, and most state and local curricula.
Course Guide
Get a complete five-hour course guide, or supplementary lesson plans.
Energetic Tours
Come see working plants: a hydroelectric dam, a fossil fuel generator, or a nuclear reactor.
Going to School
Children can explore the world of electric power and learn about their environment through programs listed on this page.
Parent Power
Although not strictly for teaching electricity, these tips may help you maximize your child's learning power.
Energy Efficiency Lesson Plans & Activities
Find materials and plans to teach your class the latest energy efficiency information from Energy STAR.


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