Teacher Manual

Use this quick reference chart to apply sections of this site to the National Science Education Standards, and most state and local curricula. Print out or bookmark the pages you need for class.

Elementary (grades K- 4)
Math and Science: safety, light, heat, electricity and magnetism
Language Arts: Reading, writing, spelling
Middle School (grades 5-8)
Math and Science: Motions and Forces; Transfer of Energy
High School Level (grades 9-12)
Science: Energy, Matter, Atomics, Environmental Issues
Social Studies: American History, Career Education, Famous Inventors

Get a complete five-hour course guide, called Power for Life, containing activities and instructions for a five-hour course on electricity for upper elementary (grades 3-5) and middle school (grades 6-8). Power for Life was originally developed for use in Georgia schools and can be easily adapted to any state curriculum. View or download your own copy of the Power for Life course guide (PDF files) here. You can also contact us for a free printed copy.

Seeing the real thing sparks the best learning, so take a tour of a hydroelectric plant, a coal-fired plant, or a nuclear power plant. Many of the plants have museums, interactive exhibits, and experiments to reinforce learning and preview careers in the utility industry.

Do you ever have parents ask you "What can I do at home to help Bobby?" (or wish parents would ask that?) Here’s a list of tips you can print out to give to parents: 50 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Learning Power. It’s an instant, effective hand-out for you, and parents will appreciate it.

Thank you for your help. For many years we’ve offered programs to schools to teach about electricity and electric safety. We’ve gathered many of our lessons into these web pages. These offerings are modest compared to the millions of dedicated parents and teachers working daily to educate our next generation. We thank you for your dedication and commitment to our children and hope these pages will make your job a little easier.

While we’d like kids to find their way to this information on their own, more realistically, we will need you to lead them here. To earn your endorsement, we want this site to be as understandable and objective as possible. We welcome your suggestions and comments about our efforts. And please check back often for new materials.

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