Sticker Stuff

Do you rack your brains trying to find good teaching tools? Spend your summer making activities and lessons? Need materials for scout troops and other organizations? This is the place.

Amazing Activities - for preschoolers through first graders. Print out activity book pages with electricity and safety information.
Watered Down Electricity - for elementary schoolers. An explanation of what electricity is presented by Louie The Lightning Bug.
Kilo-What? - for elementary schoolers. A lesson about the principles and definitions of electricity.
Electric Safety - for elementary schoolers and others. An interactive town filled with electric safety tips.
Time Machine - for anyone. A quick reference of landmark dates in electricity history.
How Plants Work - for anyone. Working models of hydro, nuclear, and coal or gas fuels electric generation plants.
Electrifying Experiments - for science classes. Several quick experiments you can set up to demonstrate principles of electricity.
Dynamo Glossary - for anyone. A glossary of electricity terms.
Powerful Careers - for middle schoolers. A brief look at the types of jobs at electric utilities.
Energy Use Looker-Upper - for anyone. A fun way to loosely determine the power use of appliances around the home.
Power Match - for anyone. A fun way to learn how electricity is made and delivered to homes and businesses.


For cool videos, posters, pencils, costumes -- everything you need to teach, reinforce, and motivate students about electricity and electrical safety, check out Moore Syndication.