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Electricity Must Travel From Power Plants Through A Vast Network Of Overhead Lines And Underground Cables to Reach Consumers.
Electricity moves through a complex transmission system. Transformers are located in substations near an electric generating plant. In much the same way that a pump builds up the pressure of water in a hose, transformers step up the electricity voltage to levels ranging from 69,000 to 765,000 volts. The voltage level depends on the distance the electricity must travel and the amount desired. Homes, businesses, and farms require 120- or 240-volt service. Industrial customers using large amounts of electricity ordinarily require higher service voltages.From the transformers, electricity enters the transmission system. Transmission lines, which consist of heavy cables strung between tall towers, carry electricity to the point where it is needed. Electricity travels at nearly the speed of light, arriving at a destination at almost the same monent it is produced.


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