Homework Busters

Welcome to the land of Louie the Lightning Bug. There is a lot to discover.

Coloring Fun - for preschoolers through first graders. Color Louie right on your screen as he follows electricity from plant to plug.
Amazing Activities - for preschoolers through first graders. Print out activity book pages with electricity and safety information.
Watered Down Electricity - for elementary schoolers. An explanation of what electricity is presented by Louie The Lightning Bug.
Kilo-What? - for elementary schoolers. A lesson about the principles and definitions of electricity.
Electric Safety - for elementary schoolers and others. An interactive town filled with electric safety tips.
Time Machine - for anyone. A quick reference of landmark dates in electricity history.
How Plants Work - for anyone. Working models of hydro, nuclear, and coal or gas fuels electric generation plants.
Electrifying Experiments - for science classes. Several quick experiments you can set up to demonstrate principles of electricity.
Dynamo Glossary - for anyone. A glossary of electricity terms.
Powerful Careers - for middle schoolers. A brief look at the types of jobs at electric utilities.
Energy Use Looker-Upper - for anyone. A fun way to loosely determine the power use of appliances around the home.
Power Match - for anyone. A fun way to learn how electricity is made and delivered to homes and businesses.