Teacher Manual

We're teaming up with Energy Star to provide energy efficiency education programs. Find more than 350 lesson plans and activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy for grades K-12. Each includes a short summary that identifies curriculum integration, time, materials, and national standards. To find all plans, visit the EERE Energy Education website.

Recommended plans for grades K-4:

Energy Efficiency & Conservation
Comparing Light Bulbs
In this exercise, students will use a light to demonstrate the difference between being energy-efficient and energy-wasteful, and learn what energy efficiency means.

Students will learn an easy technique to measure the presence of drafts in their homes and classrooms.

Life with Energy
Students will describe ways in which technology affects the environment, both negatively and positively, and identify different forms of energy and their advantages/disadvantages. They will also determine the benefits as well as the environmental harms of using energy to improve our quality of life.

Energy Efficiency Activities

"A Beautiful World Starts with You" Brochure

Horton Hears a Who Activity Book

The Planet Janitor Coloring Book
This coloring book has text in English and Spanish. It focuses on the environmental aspects of energy production and use but also has pictures on solar energy.