Energetic Tours
Visit a power plant near you:
visit a power plant near you  

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Southern Company offers special energy safety programs and environmental activities for families, schools, youth groups, adult groups, contractors, emergency personnel and other organizations.

Ever wonder where electricity comes from? The outlet, yes. The power pole, yes. But before that? We make it. Yes, we make it! How? Well, the best way to learn is to come see for yourself by touring a power plant. It’s free!

You'll learn how power plants change energy into electricity. Energy is released by gravity as it pulls water over a dam; by fire as it burns coal, gas or oil; and by tiny particles inside atoms in a nuclear reaction. We capture it in our power plants, often to make steam that turns a big fan-like device called a turbine. The turbine drives a gadget called a generator that uses magnets to push electricity through wires as it spins. And it spins really fast.

Come see each process at work: a hydroelectric dam, a fossil fuel generator, or a nuclear reactor.