Connecting the World

26,000 miles of power lines — enough to circle the earth — interconnect 278 coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric power plants in our traditional four-state service territory. And then there’s all those other places around the world...

Getting power from the plant to the consumer is complex and technologically demanding. Planning, building, and maintaining a transmission and distribution system requires the services of civil, mechanical, electrical, and agricultural engineers. We also employ construction workers, line crews, surveyors, forestry and land-use specialists.

Linemen are the lifeblood of the utility business. They keep the system in good repair and perform the heroic task of restoring power after severe storms. Linemen are the "firemen" of a power company.


Employees in the technical fields must have strong mathematical and computer skills and good analytical and technical skills. Line crews must have good mechanical skills and enjoy physical activity and being outdoors.