Powerful Careers

You can be anything you set your mind to be.
- From Bill Dahlberg, past president of Southern Company 1994-2001

Determining what you want to be when you grow up can be tough. I say pick a job that offers you lots of opportunity and lots of flexibility as you grow. A place that draws on what you do best. A place that lets you work where you like to be, indoors or out; with people or machines; with math or with writing... you get the idea.

Look at me. I started out washing meter covers, worked hard at a company with lots of room to grow, went back and got an education to build on and became president of a global utility. You can reach your goals, too. And maybe you can reach them in my field. Do you...

  • like traveling to help customers all over the world?
  • like using new technology and exploring new ways to work?
  • see ways to go beyond the conventional business of selling electricity?
If these things appeal to you, I hope you will consider joining us in the energy business. Whatever you choose, best wishes for success!



Resume Tips. - Effectively organize your qualifications.

Run big machinery. - Work in a fossil, hydroelectric, or nuclear power plant.

Enjoy outdoor work? Check out 26,000 miles of line!

Concerned about the environment? So are we, and we are doing something about it.

Like to help folks out? We’ve got millions of customers you can talk to.

A whiz at math? You might be a good addition to the finance and accounting department.

Love to make a deal? Get in on the action in marketing and sales.

Other jobs in the power industry include: Engineer, artist, accountant, secretary, researcher, business analyst, computer programmer, customer service representative, mechanic, lineman, marketing or communications specialist, or even work on the Internet!

Mr. Dahlberg

Even a company president can have a sense of humor. For fun, our previous president, Bill Dahlberg appeared in a gorilla suit and a space suit to make a point.