Amazing Activities

If you like puzzles and activities, try out Louie’s Electricks. A printer, a pencil, some crayons, a pair of scissors, some string and little creative thinking are all you need for a good time.

To print an activity page:

  1. Click on the page you want to print.
  2. A second browser window will open with the page you selected.
  3. Click on the page-window.
  4. Click on Print in your browser.

Here’s an idea: print out your favorite activity and bring it along in the car when you go on a trip. Print as many copies as you like... or print them all.

Your parents, scout masters or teachers can also purchase printed copies of Louie’s Electricks. It’s easy! Just contact Moore Syndication.

Have fun – and remember what Louie says – "Electricity is powerful, so play it safe!"

Endorsed by the National Education Association.

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