Learning Power

Georgia Power’s Learning Power program is a statewide education initiative that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEM subjects and is designed to bring energy education to the classrooms of elementary, middle and high school students with no costs to schools.

Bill Glisson

The takeaways of our program will be:

  1. To fall in love with Science.
  2. To learn about energy efficiency and how they can apply it in their everyday life.
  3. To understand what career opportunities are available to them once they graduate from high school.

Jodi Byrd

Duluth Middle School is a STEM School, and Georgia Power is our partner in helping move our students forward with learning our project-based approach to learning and implementing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in our everyday lessons.

In developing the Learning Power Program, Georgia Power collaborated with the State Board of Education and educators to develop and implement the curriculum. Education coordinators from Georgia Power travel throughout the state – presenting programs to PreK-12th grades.

Jill Pennamon

The best part of my job is seeing the students, being engaged with the students, letting them learn by hands-on activities so they can be inquisitive, and they can learn by trial and error. That’s the best part of my job, is teaching.

Jodi Byrd

The benefit of the students having access to those tools and interactive, engaging lessons that we can’t always provide with the materials that we have here in the building.

Education coordinators visit Georgia schools to present special hands-on STEM-related lessons plans highlighting energy basics, such as, simple circuits and energy efficiency, as well as how energy is made and distributed.

The Learning Power program has been fantastic for our students. It gives them an opportunity for some hands-on, interactive learning from a voice that’s not our own – from someone who’s out in the field who has more knowledge and more experience with the real-world problems that the students are going to face in the workplace.

To date, the Learning Power program has reached thousands of Georgia students. The program goals are to:

Ida Jackson

I think Georgia Power’s Learning Power program is a magnificent entry for children to learn about electricity. These children go home; they will be able to help their families save money. They will become energy efficient; and when they become adults, they will have a better grasp on having learned all the things from this program. And it will help them be better citizens. Based on the workshop that they did today, I think that they are very interested in energy and would actually choose a career path that would lead them to maybe becoming employees at Georgia Power in the future. I think Georgia Power has a plethora of job offerings that they might be able to become certified and licensed to do.