Kilo Watt teaches you about energy

Dive into the fascinating world of electricity and energy with Learning Power! Expand your students' minds with "in-class field trips" facilitated by Georgia Power education coordinators who bring an informative energy curriculum to your classroom. Learning Power's highly interactive lessons are aligned with Georgia Performance Standards and are a great way to stimulate your students' minds.

What are teachers saying?

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  1. Captain Cautious

    Line Crew - Builds lines so that electricity can get to houses, businesses, schools and hospitals. People who like working outside and building things with their hands really like these jobs.

    Captain Cautious knows a lot about energy!
  2. Dr. E

    Dr. E
  3. Emerald

  4. Savvy and Squander

    Savvy and Squander
  5. Louie

    When you grow up, we can teach you how to be a line worker, plant technician or an engineer.

    However, there are other things you will need to learn along the way: How to get along with others, teamwork, following instructions, telling the truth, completing your work on time and doing a great job on all your work.

    Louie the lightbulb.