At Georgia Power, a Southern Company, we provide Smart Energy. We are thinking and working smart so that our customers can live energy smart. Our Smart Energy strategy keeps our customers at the center of everything we do and involves three parts: Smart Power, Smart Grid and Smart Choices.

To help you and your family make Smart Choices, you’ll perform your own Home Energy Audit as part of this program. From there, you’ll develop your own Smart Energy goals that will help you start saving energy and money.

Smart Energy and You

This lesson gives you an overview of Georgia Power’s Smart Energy strategy and how it impacts you and your family. We recommend that you complete this lesson before you perform your Home Energy Audit because it will help you understand concepts that will make the audit process more valuable for you.

Home Energy Audit Form

Do you need another copy of the Home Energy Audit form? You can find it here. Remember, you should perform the audit with a parent or guardian and involve as many family members as possible so that everyone can learn about their energy usage. Be sure you pay close attention to the safety precautions before starting your audit.