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Let Georgia Power provide you with an Energy checkup

Do you have a student at home who is excited to learn about electricity and energy? Want to know more about energy efficiency for your own home? You've come to the right place!

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Energy Efficiency

Become more energy-efficient while saving money with Georgia Power's energy efficiency programs.

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Are you looking for ways to lower your energy bill? Check out these helpful tips and get ready to save.

Energy Checkup

Energy Checkup

Discover your home's biggest energy users and get tips to help you cut costs with an online or in-home energy audit.

Top Ten Energy Saving Tips

Energy-Saving Tips

Dr. E shares his top 10 energy efficiency tips for your home.


Green Energy Program

Help save our planet and make better energy efficiency choices with our Green Energy program.

Outage Alerts

Outage Tools

Stay up to date about severe weather with outage alerts.

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Hungry for more information? Click here for links to additional resources on electricity and energy efficiency.

  1. Captain Cautious

    Line Crew - Builds lines so that electricity can get to houses, businesses, schools and hospitals. People who like working outside and building things with their hands really like these jobs.

    Captain Cautious knows a lot about energy!
  2. Dr. E

    Dr. E
  3. Emerald

  4. Savvy and Squander

    Savvy and Squander
  5. Louie

    When you grow up, we can teach you how to be a line worker, plant technician or an engineer.

    However, there are other things you will need to learn along the way: How to get along with others, teamwork, following instructions, telling the truth, completing your work on time and doing a great job on all your work.

    Louie the lightbulb.